Management Essentials™(MS)

Workshop Dates : 24 - 25 July 2024 /

Management Essentials™(ME) - 2 Day:

Management Essentials™ is an experiential training seminar that provides managers with a new understanding of fundamental management strategies. It strengthens managers’ ability to lead professional teams collaboratively using a relationship-based process. Participants leave this program with better management skills and a stronger ability to get work done through others.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Delivers Foundational Management Skills.
  • Shows How These Skills Can Be Accelerated.
  • Deepens Awareness of Individuals & Teams.
  • Provides Tools to Promote Higher Morale.
  • Connects Higher Morale to Greater Productivity.
  • Bridges Greater Productivity to Profitability.
  • Strengthens Essential Communication Skills.
  • Teaches Management Coaching Techniques
  • Supports the Creation of a Positive Corporate Culture

Who Should Attend:

  • Company Chairman & Directors.
  • VPs, GMs, and All Middle to Upper Middle Managers.
  • Heads, Managers, and Team Leaders.
  • Staff Being Groomed for Management Roles
  • HR Directors, Dept. Heads, Managers & Advisors.
  • Facilities & Training Managers/Others who wish to develop management essential skills.

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