IT Security Architecture & Leadership

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IT Security Architecture &Leadership (4 Day Course):

Course Overview: 

Part 1: Successful Information Security Manager/Leadership Workshop (Day 1)

Effective Leadership from the management team is a key feature of a positive information security culture as it determines how everybody else in the organization will view and act upon safety issues..

Managing information security and managing information security teams is sometimes a challenge in many organizations. Maintaining strong information security is one of the major challengers in today’s world and it requires strong leadership and management skills. Although many think that leaders are born, not made, anyone can be a better leader.

Part 2: IT Architecture Security (Day 2-4)

With the rapid growth & development of the internet, organizations are taking advantage of the new opportunities available. Likewise, unscrupulous individuals are also exploiting the situation to collect & steal data from companies & their customers.

Information security is therefore critical for today's modern business models. Organizations must be prepared to take crucial steps to strengthen their IT infrastructure from both internal & external threats.

Organizations must look to develop a security network that enhances business operations while improving its security position. Successful security architecture combines a mix of the latest policies & practices, technology, and a robust awareness program.

This intensive training workshop addresses the latest concerns on IT infrastructure and security. Participants will develop key skills and core competencies that will allow them to meet the ever-changing security demands of the 21st century.

“Security in IT is like locking your house or car – it doesn't stop the bad guys, but if it's good enough they may move on to an easier target.” - Paul Herbka

Benefits of attending:
Course participants will:

  • Master the tools & techniques for effective information & network security.
  • Discover how to create a complete & sustainable IT security architecture.
  • Gain knowledge on how to develop sound security policy together with your security architecture.
  • Learn how to perform smart security risk assessment within your organization.
  • Learn how to perform an IT governance assessment using CoBIT 5.0.
  • Gain valuable insights on implementing a proactive & robust security management system.
  • Learn how to detect & prevent information security breaches due to inadequate IT security awareness within the organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers.
  • Chief Information Officers.
  • Chief Information Security Officers.
  • Chief Security Officers.
  • Chief Technology Officers.
  • Heads of Departments in Information Security Management Information Systems, IT
    Infrastructure, IT Architecture, Network Operations, IT Operations, IT Data Center,
    DataBase Management, IT Deployment IT Business Enterprise, IT Risk Management,
    IT Quality Assurance, IT Audit, Risk Management, Internal Audit,  Business Continuity Planning.

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