Behavior Based Safety Leadership and Severe Incident Prevention

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Behavior Based Safety Leadership and Severe Incident Prevention (4 Day Course):

Scientifically proven method for reducing incidents and injuries in the workplace. This workshop looks at the latest key safety strategies created  by cutting-edge behavioral science research.

Serious Incidents are costly to a company’s finances because of the destruction of resources, lawsuits, and rebuilding. A catastrophic loss can seriously impact a company’s reputation and standing in the community.

This workshop capitalizes on the latest findings and creates solutions for continuously improving safety outcomes in your company. At the end of this workshop, all participants will have developed a step-by-step action plan to reduce injuries, address environmental hazards within their organization.

Benefits of Attending/Course Participants will

  • Understand how to create a safety culture of involvement &participation.
  • Know how to maximize productivity by reducing “Loss Time Incidents"
  • Understand how to Integrate behavior-based safety (BBS) as a business strategy.
  • Be able to identify risks and work practices critical to addressing safety risks.
  • Know how to encourage conversations around critical-to-safety work practices.
  • Be able to effectively identify safety improvement targets and create safety action plans.
  • Know how to involve engineers, management, operators, and maintenance in the BBS process.

Who Should Attend:

  • Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers.
  • Safety Managers, Supervisors and Engineers.
  • HSE Professionals and Safety Auditors.
  • Site/Plant/Factory/Operations Managers.
  • Maintenance Engineers and Managers.
  • Facilities Management & Training Managers

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